Edited Book

E. Ike Udogu and Sambuddha Ghatak. (Eds.,). Human Rights Dilemmas in the Developing World: The Case of Marginalized Populations at Risk. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books: 2017)


This volume is intended to bring to the fore the issues of human rights infractions of groups who because of their lack of political clout are often treated differently with respect to their human rights than their dominant and powerful compatriots. Powerful and influential groups control the policies of government, instrument of coercion, agencies and agents with which the human rights of minorities and other marginalized groups in society are frequently violated. These collectivities whose rights are often breached despite national constitution-cum-international human rights precepts that forbid such violations include, but are not limited to, aboriginals/indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities and the poor who are relegated to environmentally devastated milieus.


Chapter 1: Indigenous and Minority Groups in Latin America: History, Fragmentation and Struggle for Human Rights
David R. Davila-Villers

Chapter 2: Human Rights Issues of Minorities in Contemporary India: A Concise Analysis
Sambuddha Ghatak and E. Ike Udogu

Chapter 3: Theoretical and Analytical Discourses on Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples of Africa
Ike Udogu

Chapter 4: Human Rights Violations of Minorities in South-East Asia: Indonesia and Malaysia
Sambuddha Ghatak

Chapter 5: Minority Quandaries and Jihadist Terrorism in India, 1985-2013: An Overview
Sambuddha Ghatak and E. Ike Udogu

Chapter 6. Minority Rights and Environmental Justice in Developing Countries
Onah P. Thompson